UFC 69

August 31, 2007 at 8:18 am (Sports)

So, I am a little behind but I finally got to watch the UFC 69:
Swick v. Okami – (which apparently was the protagonist for Franklin v. Okami) I don’t think that either fighter had their best outing and the live fans weren’t too impressed. I was on the verge of being disappointed with the fight (I’d really like to see Swick v. Franklin, but know that a few more matches for Swick should only make that fight better), but then I got the feeling that I was watching two snipers battle, in such a scenario there wouldn’t be a lot of visible action but at any moment you know that someone could die. Both fighters need some work if they are going to climb to the top.
Koscheck v. Sanchez – Kos played a good mental game, he never backed down and seemed to execute a plan. This plan didn’t make for an exciting fight but going into the fight Kos had nothing to lose by pulling off a boring win – people may forget the bout but they will remember that he beat Diego. Even Kos mentioned that whoever wins this fight moves forward whereas the loser will have to work to get back to this point. If Kos wants to climb to the top though he is going to have to play more of the showman. Diego’s last few fights have been interesting, he had all the trouble he could handle with Karo (another mental fighter who impressed me with his toughness in that match) beat Diaz (showing himself to be a better brawler) and then the trouble with Kos. I think the fight and the mess before the fight showed just how immature Diego is, all I could think about was that if he isn’t careful he’ll be the UFC’s version of Mike Tyson.
GSP v. Serra – Did you see Dana’s face…oh that was hillarious! “What do we do now?!” Serra said himself that GSP is the future of the sport, so he knows what he has and that the clock is ticking. GSP is a freakish athlete but still has a lot to learn in the fight game. I have been very impressed with GSP’s sportsmanship in victory and defeat.

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