September 20, 2007 at 5:47 am (Biblei-Octopi) (, )

I was thinking and I can’t say that I am over it, but I am at a funny place where I am looking at it… What is “it”? It is piety.

Growing up is a lot about learning your families values and beliefs, you make it to Jr/Sr High (for some later) and the weirdness amps up and you realize just how differently others were raised from you. This weirdness is a confrontation and a revelation. Your upbringing is your foundation and you begin to build upon that foundation.

The Christian upbringing can lead to an esteemed view of oneself, this is the religious aspect that clamors with the disciple inside (Christ did not espouse or build within his disciples a belief in themselves or their own goodness, “Apart from Me you can do nothing.”). Religion, in the sense of a man striving for God on that man’s own terms of what God “truly wants” battles very much with the understanding that disciple = follower (one who follows, learns, obeys and loves Christ).

Kels and I have also discussed piety. Piety can be a chameleon, stalking as a “prayer concern”, attacking as “hard love” or perched as “an observer”. Piety gone wild can taint your perspective and sour your listening skills. This is a life-long battle, a strand of the inherited depravity. You see it when it turns on you, but you often over look it when it is you turning on others. (This is not to say that sin should not be called sin)

Jesus esteemed piety, he said, “Unless your righteousness exceeds that of the Pharisees…” But, why did the Pharisees have so much trouble with Him? He called their piety for what it was, SELF-righteousness. Christ came “to do the Father’s will.” Christ told His followers, “Follow Me.”

I fight for consistency but often ping between extremes (piety vs. debauchery). At the end of the day, the desire is for Christ, the path is directed by His Word, and it really boils down to Love God on God’s terms (not yours, not mine, not anyone’s but His).

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  1. Jason said,

    This is a great post. I actually need to give a talk on Piety and what you have wrote has inspired me. Thanks

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