Music You Didn’t Know You Liked…

October 3, 2007 at 7:22 am (Sights & Sounds) (, , , , , )

I read an article in INC. Magazine (I know, I’m so big-time – but if you didn’t know link to INC) about Pandora…

Long story short, Pandora is a company that has gone through many dubious re-inventions but the core service remains the same. You enter an artist or a song that you like and they have an intricate people-generated (programming from real musicians and feedback from users) system that attempts to match you with an feast of music selections that are customized to your tastes.

You can create several stations with various genres/sounds and easily click to change not just the channel but the entire station. You are able to ban songs from you station, which is great if you are like me and enjoy AC/DC but aren’t a big fan of Van Halen. The idea is perfect because it is all about YOU and helping you track down the evasive “sounds like” artist.
Registration is free as most of their funds are generated through advertising. As you get hooked on this great tool, get informed about the regulatory and royalty schemes that threaten internet radio.

Don’t waste another moment click to visit Pandora

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