Rocket Fuel – Rich Franklin

December 29, 2008 at 5:44 am (Inspirational, Sports, Words (Not Mine)) (, , , , , )

Rich Franklin (UFC)

Rich Franklin (UFC)

I received this as a bulletin from Rich Franklin’s MySpace and thought it was an encouraging note from a positive sports role-model.


Many people are desperate to escape – it could be a dark childhood; maybe alcohol or drug abuse; perhaps excessive eating and neglected fitness; or just a dispiriting, everyday routine. There is an aching need to escape personal gravity.

The force I’m talking about is that irresistible pull that keeps us gravity-bound to a place we no longer want to be. Which brings us to NASA. A rocket, fire-blasting off its pad at Cape Canaveral, burns 90% of its fuel at take off – in the first seconds. Once the rocket does break earth’s gravitational pull, however, it sails through space with comparative ease. So it is with us.

Breaking away from our everyday world requires us to expend extraordinary energy – to achieve lift off and create a new trajectory. When accomplished, we are free.

I know a few people who, through bad breaks or bad decisions, found themselves on a personal planet where they no longer wanted to be. But through the burning of their own rocket fuel – of determination, focus, work and discipline – launched themselves into new space. When training for a fight, I stay in a city far from Cincinnati, to break the gravitational pull of my home routine. This was especially critical in the weeks prior to the Travis Lutter fight in Montreal. Due to my father’s unexpected death, it took all my concentrated will to blast away from my overwhelming sadness and prepare in Seattle.

For those determined to rise to another orbit – intent to someday look back to the place they left behind – what is needed is rocket fuel. It lies deep within our souls – you can summon it, you can ignite it. eventually, you will soar.

Keep Striving,

Rich Franklin

See More of Ohio school teacher who became Ultimate Fighting Championship’s (UFC) Former Middle Weight Champion and American Fighter Founder Rich Franklin:

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