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Obama has completed his first 100 days as President of The United States of American, congratulations. So, as art often likes to renown itself with an innovation of offense, we have the most recent poli-religious painting of note. What better time to have a religious/spiritual discussion as brought into the public arena via art and by the artist’s own declaration as a discussion of “truth”.

The object inspiring this post is the most recent messianic depiction of Obama (not the first, probably not the last), it brought to my mind a comparison of the accomplishments of Christ what might be perceived as the highest nature of the accomplishments of our President, Barak Obama.

In regards to the implications of this painting, I’d like to state that first of all, I hope that Obama does lead in a Christ-like manner. How amazing would it be that he would lead the nation to consider the laws of God, honoring the will and kingdom of God above all else? I pray that he would take to himself the words of Christ in saying, “My delight is to do your will, oh God.”

When you look at the historical cross, what imagery does it bring? I suppose that most would associate it with salvation, though even in Evangelical circles there would be some disagreement as to the definition, nature and extent of that action. If you look to the Biblical account of the cross, you find the culmination of the redemption narrative – in other words, this is a pivotal moment, a climax in the entire story of God’s salvation plan for mankind.

From the account of Adam, who did have a choice to sin or enjoy the full presence of God. Whom God gave every excuse not to sin but did indeed choose to disobey, chose to disregard a very simple and plain command and thereby calling upon himself his removal from the blessing of pure fellowship in the presence of God. Even in that account, there is the promise of the Savior to come, the One who will crush the serpent’s head, the One who will conquer the work of Satan, the hold of death and the bondage resulting from man’s sin.

The message of the cross is salvation, but when you see Christ upon the cross, from WHOM and/or WHAT is Christ saving us from? Who set the consequence for the disobedience of Adam and Eve? Who cast Adam and Eve out of the garden? Who made the promise of redemption? Who will we (you and I) face when this short life ends and to whom will we have to give an account to?

If Obama is in any sense a savior, whom and/or what is he saving us from? If Obama’s most ambitious goals are accomplished, will we be saved – saved from what? As intriguing of a historical figure Obama may be, do we really put that many of our chips in the ability of a single political figure to reshape our collective and individual paths? (Parenthetical sidenote: when one political figure is looked to as the lone figure to reshape a nation’s course, it historically doesn’t tend towards a positive end)

As a historical observation on the definition of the messiah, when Christ came many were expecting a political ruler, for that King of the Jews to rise and bring a sword to crush the Roman Empire (Herod feared this at Christ’s birth, going to great lengths to kill Him even as a baby). There were many in Jesus’ day that were severely disappointed that He came not for political rule upon this earth (something Satan offered Christ), but came to offer His life as a sacrifice for many. Now, in our current illustrations of “the messiah” the redemptive work is still seen as insignificant/trivial and reduced to a politicized imagery.

To be sure, Christ is THE Ruler of all, He is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, do not confuse His patience for laziness/forgetfulness. In this artful or political search for a “messiah” perhaps one should account for the consequence of finding a political savior but meeting the end of life without an eternal one. Another job, a dent in the federal deficit, even the end of war are some of the highest political possibilities (stretch) but death is certain.

As a people who claim to follow Christ, take a moment to recheck your Christ against the Christ that Christ revealed. If you are a person who has never encountered Christ’s command to, “Follow Me.” Perhaps today is that day. The cross is a message of salvation, salvation in Christ alone.

Link to article that brought this painting to my attention – HERE

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Mean Ol’ SNL

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Saturday Night Live and controversy?! No way. Who would have ever considered the two in the same sentence?

Yahoo! News is reporting that a recent SNL skit involving an impersonation of New York Governor David Paterson is sparking controversy with certain groups:

“The National Federation of the Blind issued a statement calling the characterization “absolutely wrong” and criticized the show for playing up the stereotype that blind people are “incapable of simple tasks.””

“Really!?!” Was that the point of the skit? Were they mocking Paterson for being incompetent because he was blind or did SNL dig a smidge deeper and comment on his other indiscretions including his admitted taste for cocaine? Did blind people even watch the skit…oh, maybe that was a poor choice of words, but I think the comment is pretty ticky-tack.

Apparently Paterson himself found time out of his busy schedule to comment on the skit as well via a statement released by his office saying that SNL should, “Find a way to be funny without being offensive.”

Yeah and my office released a statement saying elected official should find a way to represent their constituents without being morally repugnant or evasive in regards to accountability.

So, you heard it here, comedy should never be offensive. We should really be careful about that America. Especially political satire, which of all comedic expression should only serve to build people up and gloss over ethical flaws.

A nationally televised skit based comedy show that has built its viewership on political satire and edgy humor should really take a deeper look at itself and ask whether in the midst of this economic turmoil, we should laugh at the expense of politicians who are corrupt or distinguished in their incompetence? Is that really what we want to do?

See for yourself, but I guess I should caution – it’s pretty offensive and controversial!

Saturday Night Live – Update: Gov. Paterson

Whether you need some pure humor or want more explotation of a separate but oft neglected section of society, visit us at www.mulletmustache.com

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Candidates & Issues 2008

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Found what appears to be a good link that takes each candidate by issue and presents you with excerpts or their own comments, interactions and records on that issue. To date this is the clearest and yet un-biased website that I have found.

Link to ontheissues.org

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