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Tools Needed: cell phone w/ active text capabilities


At the beginning of each week (i.e. Sunday):
1) Text or call each other with an update on a prayer focus for the week;
2) Share a verse that you’d like to memorize for the week (option of memorizing each others verses)

1) Agree on a time to regularly expect a text from each other (i.e. AM, PM, lunch break, etc). Text a simple prayer (most cell providers cap out a single text at 120-160 characters) – can be as simple as “I’m praying for you today” but I recommend you to be more specific, as this will go along way to provide a boost of daily encouragement to each other.

>I’ve been doing this for a week now with 3 close friends and have been blessed/encouraged beyond what I initially imagined. My friends have been very specific and challenging in their prayers which has both refreshed me and given me something to ponder for the day. I look forward to praying for them and the discipline of doing so reminds me to be praying more fully for other people and aspects of my life.
>Augment your texted prayers by calling/meeting each other regularly, whether weekly or monthly. My friends are all long distance, so the power of technology has been well used to bring us closer.

Send a simple text to your friends (not everyone that I sent the initial text to responded or wanted to do it, that’s fine, it’s not for everyone). Text I used (took 2 messages):

[MSG #1] Would you like to commit to accounTEXTability w/ me? Rules: DAILY 1) send a quick text prayer for each other, as simple as “Im praying for you” or a specific…
[MSG #2] prayer. 2) send a verse, request or praise as it comes up. WEEKLY (on Sunday) 1) prayer request for the week, 2) a verse for the week (option to memorize)

Let me know how it goes.

And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the saints. Ephesians 6:18 (NIV)

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iTunes Devotionals

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As I continue to get busier and busier with family and business it is increasingly more difficult to quite myself and focus so that I can listen to God during my quiet times. Something that I have found that helps me to get into a calmer groove and re-focus my thoughts has been by iPod Nano (I think it was like $45 at Walmart).

For those of you unfamiliar with iPods, the Nano is about 2 inches wide by 1 1/2 inches tall, has a clip that fastens to your clothing and the unit charges itself and downloads music from your computer via a USB port that plugs into the computer/laptop. Nano does not have a screen, so you cannot see which track is playing but you can store a very large music inventory on this small device (I currently have over 4 hours of music on mine). If you want to spend more and can carry a larger unit there are several versions of the iPod available with a stronger menu of features.

The one knock on iPods are that you can only download music from iTunes, iTunes is downloadable for free and you can nearly any song from any artist for 99 cents; you can also purchase entire albums, podcasts (iTunes versions of popular radio broadcasts – this is a great resources as well as you can listen to radio sermons and commentaries that you may have missed through the day). When you purchase songs on iTunes or transfer music into the appropriate format you can organize your music to your liking.

The first few songs on my iPod are selections that directly thoughts to specific aspects of my prayers.
1) Novacain For No Reason – Nodes of Ranvier
This is an instrumental song with a strong emotional drive that always grabs my attention, for me it is the perfect means to start getting focused.
2) Deteriorate – Demon Hunter
Deteriorate plays like a prayer with a strong mood and lyric, the overall tone is very somber but there are heavier elements as well. I’ve liked Demon Hunter for some time but it was my wife that turned me on to how cool this song is. “Give me a soul that never ceases to follow despite the infection within…”
3) I Want To Be Just Like You – Phillips, Craig & Dean
Not my usual genre but the song is perfect in tone and lyric to focus my thoughts in praying for my sons. “Lord I want to be just like you, because he wants to be like me.”
4) Cinderella – Steven Curtis Chapman
This song brought tears to my eyes before I even learned of the Chapman families recent tragedy. If you have kids, especially a young daughter, this song will certainly help you to keep a good perspective on the short amount of time before your children will be up an on their own.
5) Anyone Else But You – The Moldy Peaches
Currently my wife’s favorite song so this assists to direct my prayers to her and our relationship. It’s definately quirky and not your typcial love song but it is perfect for us.
6) Bro Hymn – Pennywise
Perhaps not your first thought for a prayer inciting melody, but it is a hymn and it reminds me to pray for my good friends.
7) Pitiful – Blindside
Oh man, if you’ve never listened to the lyrics for this song it is a very honest narrative and has a definite convicting quality.
8) Lullaby – Ghoti Hook
Another honest entreaty.
9) Fall – Slick Shoes
Clearly intended as a personal prayer with clear conviction and an upbeat tone which helps turn my focus towards entering the day.
10) Ascend – The Famine
If you like your music hurdcore then you will certainly relate to the whole package. This song incites a fighting approach to the day and deals with returning to Christ.

In my Nano this segment of music is at the beginning of my playlist, I can use it for my devotional times or even in the truck when I am driving to work (even on trips). I have found this designation to be very helpful as it is readily available for use when needed. For those that are iPod/MP3 owners, you will find this resource easily incorporated into your lifestyle. If aren’t familiar with the technology, don’t let this deter you, the Nano is fairly inexpensive, iTunes is free to download (once loaded onto your computer the songs can be played from your desktop/laptop, which is also a handy place for devotional times) and integrating the two is user friendly.

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