Iron Man gives you more

May 4, 2008 at 12:57 am (Sights & Sounds) (, )

As a fan of the genre without the investment of having followed the comic books religiously, I found Iron Man to be a worth while investment of my entertainment dollars.  It contains all of the great action sequences, seamless special effects and cool gadgetry you’d expect from a super hero movie but reaches the plateau of offering that something extra that transcends the expected.   

Recent history has shown that having a well known character with a cult following, a big budget, big names in your cast and cool special effects isn’t a sure fire formula for success with a mainstream audience.   The key to a successful movie still relies heavily on the human elements.  As an audience it is important for us to feel a connection to the characters and even in a comic-book adaptation the dialogue and interaction between characters can really make or break the experience of the film. 

Iron Man fits, arguably even sits at the top of, the class of super-hero movies that offer the complete package.  The principle of Iron Man is unique in itself, similar to Batman, Iron Man’s powers do not come from some freak experience or mutation, Tony Stark’s (Iron Man) powers are rooted in human ingenuity combined with the manipulation of skill and technology.  Rather than relying on the platform that Iron Man itself brings, Downey as Stark brings a presence to the movie and crafts his own structure that builds upon that foundation.  

Iron Man as a moive is unique to the genre in that it allows you to become connected with the characters without boring you.  Downey gives you a character that you actually want to get to know and even root for as he transforms/develops throughout the movie.  Tony Stark, is the ultimate self-infactuated playboy who gets a rude awakening and a second chance to turn a 180 and work to make a difference.  Stark works to right the wrong that he himself created, so the storyline carries real-life elements of choice, consequence and the price of redemption (from a humanistic standpoint).  Each part was well cast and every actor brought a comfort to their character that created a reality in the relationships.  The dialogue was well written, well exectued and the direction was top notch. 

I am sure that you could disect this movie and take apart its elements, but I would argue you are missing the point, especially of a super-hero moive.  This movie is molded for entertainment and I believe that it rises to the occassion and even suprises with its depth.  It is everything you want your super-hero movie to be and then some.


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